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VISION delivers unprecedented speed to insight with AI-powered technology. It’s a neural network machine-learning product that interprets and delivers consumer insights from the vast video web to marketers, researchers, and brand managers.

Surface Deep Insights in Hyper Speed

From industry trends to brand sentiment, VISION delivers in-depth business insights extracted from video opinions in days, not weeks or months.

Access Insights at Scale with Hyper Efficiency

Today, trends change in real time. We survey consumer-generated content at an unprecedented speed to turn around valuable intel you can leverage immediately.

Artificial Intelligence for Real Budgets

VISION studies can be produced in a fraction of the time it takes traditional focus groups or surveys. With AI, we automate time-consuming processes for substantially enhanced cost efficiency.

How VISION works

Marketers, researchers, and brand managers can activate rich consumer data sets locked in the vast video web on demand.

  • Advanced Neural Network Makes complex connections between emotions and preferences.
  • Patented Algorithms Calculate the depth of sentiment in attributes of opinion.
  • Mental Models Models are created by looking at how people say what they’re saying, from punctuation to metaphors to context switches.
  • True Feel Score© Ranks polarity, depth, affinity, saliency, and more to measure why people think, feel, and act the way they do.

VISION Monitoring Available

Ranks polarity, depth, affinity, saliency, and more to measure why people think, feel, and act the way they do.

  • Brand Perception
  • Product Perception
  • Category Analysis
  • New Product Concept
  • Concept Test
  • Creative Test
  • Ad Effectiveness
  • Event Experience Insights
  • Retailer’s Feedback
  • Shopper Behaviour Insights
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Consumer Lifestyle Analysis

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